Family Law - La Crosse WI

Family Law

At our law firm we take the issue of representing clients regarding family law matters very seriously. Attorney Dawn Marie Harris is a mother of two children and understands what it means to be a parent both personally and professionally.

Attorney Harris applies this real life experience into finding the appropriate balance between representing her client’s interests zealously while also providing for an analysis that considers the needs of the children. When you contact this law firm, you will not be farmed off to another attorney or retain an attorney that will not personally return your calls. Attorney Harris is a full-time attorney that puts her clients first at all times. She will always be available to you. This firm is dedicated to the service of our clients and we will put the time in to see that your questions are personally responded to in a prompt and accurate manner.

We provide information up front to our clients, which allow them to know what we need and to make our representation efficient for them, while also being detailed and supportive. Our clients are well informed to the details of the process and the choices that they will have at each step of the legal process in order to prevent surprises and to provide the support structure needed on an individual basis.

Family Law Practice Areas:

  •  Child Custody
  •  Child Support
  •  Child Visitation and Placement
  •  Contempt Actions
  •  Divorce
  •  Guardianship
  •  Maintenance
  •  Post Divorce Matters
  •  Pre-Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements
  •  Property Division
  •  Separation


The following forms have been provided to aid you in the divorce process. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.