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D.M. Harris Law - Employment Law La Crosse

Employment Law

Discrimination -pursued through Equal Rights Division or Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Age (are you over 40?)
Arrest and conviction record
Disability/perceived disability
Ethnicity, race, national origin
Sex (gender), sexual harassment, pregnancy, equal pay
Retaliation – have you reported discrimination in the workplace and then be retaliated against as a result?

Typically claims must be filed within 300 days of each incident of discrimination.

Employment Contracts

We draft, revise and interpret contracts for you. We analyze and draft non-compete agreements (restrictive covenants) and confidentiality agreements. We can litigate any kind of contractual dispute in either federal or state court.

Employee Handbooks
We draft employee handbooks for any business, no matter how small or large you are to fit your needs and to create an effective legal tool while also reviewing your public relations and employee retention/attraction needs.

Family and Medical Leave Act
We are very experienced in providing our clients with advice as to avoid pitfalls resulting from improper implementation, we are always up to date on revisions to this law and prepared to litigate when necessary in either state and/or federal court.

Layoffs, Severances and Reductions in Force

We are fully experienced in advising employees and employers who are faced with the prospect of terminating employees due to various reasons and the drafting of all documents associated with such actions. We draft, review and negotiate severance agreements.

Unemployment Compensation Hearings
We can advise clients as their eligibility for unemployment compensation when they face termination and we advise our corporate clients on when to challenge unemployment compensation to preserve viable legal defenses.

Wage and Hour Claims
We are experienced in assisting companies with analyses as to overtime, exempt vs. non-exempt status, drafting of job descriptions and making sure employers are fully compliant with all Wage and Hour laws, both federal and State. We are experienced in defending employers against such claims.

For employees, we analyze whether they have been deprived of any wages and benefits and if so, we pursue the necessary action to see that they obtain what is legally theirs.

Workers Compensation

We defend companies against refusal to hire claims.

Wrongful Termination
We can analyze whether whistleblower claims are viable – this category usually requires an employee to have been asked to do something illegal or that would be legally recognized as against public policy, the employee refuses to perform the illegal act and then is terminated as a result. We are experienced in litigation that results from these claims